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Royal Rangers Outpost 169 – 04/27/2016 Newsletter 

Here’s What’s Happening!

Welcome to the Outpost weekly update!

Here you’ll find the latest news / information happening at OP 169.   Let’s get started!

MAY 1Fifth Annual All Church Royal Ranger BBQ   

Tickets on sale NOW @ Ranger Expedition Lodge, Church Breezeway and Church Lobby!

$9.00 per ticket – Get your ticket early!

Last year we sold out and turned people away.

This is a fundraiser for Camporama – All the Rangers & Leaders going to Camporama will receive double credit if you volunteer to sell tickets and work at the BBQ May 1stVolunteer Sign-up in the Ranger Lodge.


JULY 15-24Camporama 10 Day Road Trip

Registration Deadline for the Camporama discount is this Wednesday May 4th.  

A $535 deposit is required to secure your seat on the luxury bus and your registration discount.

Also all registration forms must be completed and notarized at that time.

The remaining balance of $295 is due on or before June 29th.      Reminder: This event only happens every four years!


May 13-14Ginnie Springs Deadline this Wednesday May 4th

Expedition Rangers & Adventure Rangers Camping Trip.  

Cost $27.00 – Breakfast & Lunch provided on Saturday.  

Registration deadline May 4th – Details in the Ranger Lodge.


June 3 – 5Expedition & Adventure Ranger Suwannee River Canoe Expedition

Camping and canoeing along the Suwannee River.  

Cost is $15.00 registration now open.  

Details in the Ranger Lodge!


May 7Ranger Kids Medard Park Fun Day

Ranger Kids are going to have lots of fun at Medard Park – Playgrounds, Sand Dunes, Dinner on the Grill… the possibilities are endless.

Cost is $5.00 registration open in the Ranger Lodge.

Upcoming Events just around the corner:

Second Annual Royal Ranger Missions Trip Garage Sale coming soon!

On Going Fund Raisers:

Help support Outpost 169 financially each week… How?

  1. Don’t throw away those aluminum cans, bring them to the Ranger Lodge each Wednesday and we will recycle them for cash.

  2. The OP 169 Grill – You’re going to eat somewhere so why not have a hamburger, hotdog or grilled chicken sandwich at the OP 169 Grill.

Open each Wednesday night under the north parking canopy.

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