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Giving to OP169 helps us meet the financial needs for a ministry securing the success of the next generation of servant leaders. OP169 is training young Christ Follows to master the journey.  What do we love most about the great speakers and story tellers that we have encountered over the years?  It’s not where they started and it’s not where they finished.  It’s the journey from the first step across the starting line and everything that happened until they step across the finish line.  Those that can master the journey captivate our attention and inspire us to press on.

The boys at OP169 are honing the skills and assembling the tools to master their journey through life in a Christ centered environment.  No one mastered the journey better than Jesus.  He could not have had a more humble start and certainly could not have had a more epic finish and yet even today we are still unpacking the log of his journey and learning from each footstep how to live life more abundantly.

What’s the secret to our success?

Within the mission of Royal Rangers lies the three main ingredients to our success:  Equipping, Empowering, and Evangelizing.  The one main tool we use to accomplish this is mentoring through relationships.  Our adventure rich calendars gives dads, and men the environment to build strong relationships that allow us to poor God’s word into their lives.

With more than 250,000 chartered members at over 4000 outpost nationwide and outposts in more than 100 nations Royal Rangers is a dynamic community of Christ followers changing the world.

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